Cloudflare and DMS Accelerator: one year of a startup enterprise plan for the DMS Community

Published in Apr 15, 2021

Cloudflare for Startups includes one year of Cloudflare startup enterprise plan for the Data Market Services [DMS] Accelerator community. Cloudflare’s startup enterprise plan is designed to help leverage our global network to build and scale your product. Eligible startup companies receive a Cloudflare core platform package of:  

Plus special feature access in partnership with Data Market Services [DMS] Accelerator:

  • Workers (serverless applications): up to 50 million requests / month
  • Stream (video streaming): 500,000 streamed minutes / month and 100,000 minutes of video storage
  • Access (authentication and security on the edge): up to 50 seats


Eligibility requirements

  • not already on startup enterprise plan
  • not graduated from the DMS program earlier than 2015


  1. Fill the form on here.
    1. Use the email associated with your startup’s Cloudflare account (create a free account if you don’t already have one), and the domain of your startup
    2. Select DMS Accelerator as Accelerator Program and include your batch number
  2. Check your email and follow instructions in the link to complete the upgrade process.