10 Big Data Startups to follow in 2021

Published in Feb 9, 2021

As you might have known already, companies and enterprises have been looking to next-generation big data tech and services startups to find the right tools to improve, implement, plan and manage the large range of data they need for business analytics, digital transformation, and other initiatives. By having these increased needs to organize the data, many problems have arisen for businesses when it comes to finding, comparing, transforming, or just preparing data they have.

Based on the information above we have created a list of 10 startups to follow in 2021 from Europe that designed products and services to solve big data management problems, but which also received funding to upscale or expand their product in 2020.


Cambridge, United Kingdom

Quantexa is a big data analytics platform that integrates internal and external data to provide a “big picture” interpretation of business decisions, especially in the field of financial crime, fraud, credit risk, and general customer intelligence. This year they raised $64.7M in Series C funding in a round led by Evolution Equity Partners.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom

is a large data platform that provides analytics, visualization, and insights to its customers. To be more concise, the GeoSpock DB Analytics database puts together data on time series and spatial data sets for large-scale analytics. In 2020 raised US$5.4M in additional funding to accelerate the development and adoption of its database technology.

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Berlin, Germany

Bayes Holding is an esports startup that uses big data to build tools and services. previously known as DOJO Madness esports startup that uses big data to build tools and services that has raised $6M to continue expanding its platform.

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Madrid, Spain

Nextail is a cloud-based platform for retailers. The software anticipates localized demand and provides automatic, data-driven decisions. Turning these insights into motion to improve organizational performance and see returns fast. Last year it received a $12M funding in a round led by Keen Venture Partners.

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Originally from Bratislava, Slovakia – now based in London, United Kingdom

minit is a startup that builds Process Mining Software that visualizes how dynamic market processes currently take place to ensure clarity of process variants and resource usage, as well as how they can be enhanced. This allows businesses to streamline their manufacturing and financial systems as well as other business-critical processes such as bank loan approvals and insurance claims management. It received a $12M Series A funding last year to improve the services.

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Leuven, Belgium

LynxCare is an AI-powered big data platform that enables hospitals to mine their legacy data, to improve clinical efficiency and higher the quality of care. The startup has raised €1.8M, led by btov Partners with support from existing investor, HERAN Partners.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

IndigoVerge is a studio for web and mobile solutions, they help customers turn their idea into a complete online solution. Last spring they received a seed funding of €300K from Eleven Ventures.

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Budapest, Hungary

Synetiq is a startup that created a tool used for video ads based on biometric data of users and which offers insight from the aimed audience. This tool is helpful for advertisers and all types of businesses. They received a €484k seed investment last fall.

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TPS Engage

Bucharest, Romania

TPS Engage is a Digital Out of Home platform that is helping companies of any size optimize their outdoor campaigns. By using AI they provide real-time data based on traffic, weather, and time to drive contextual and dynamic content to the audience. They received a $1M investment from Cadron Capital Partners to expand their services.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Dataddo is an analytics platform that helps companies automate data-handling processes. The goal of using their product is to save time for companies so that they put their customers first. They also received an investment by Impulse Ventures that was not disclosed yet.

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Big data startups help businesses or organizations use their data to find potential prospects. This, in exchange, leads to smarter strategic moves, more efficient operations, better income, and satisfied consumers. The list above is only a glimpse in this growing sector which shows that what organizations do with their data matters and that startups like these can help them come up with new strategies resulting from the analyzed data that can compete, innovate and show value.

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Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels